How much does it hurt to get a tattoo?

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo for the first time, it is likely that you have some doubts going through your head, such as how much a tattoo or how long it takes However, the question that everyone is asking is: how much does it hurt to get a tattoo?

Getting a tattoo implies, among other things, that a needle loaded with ink will repeatedly pierce your skin, until you achieve that the design you chose is permanently impregnated in you. It may not sound very pleasant, but in the end it will be. The truth is that tattoos don't hurt as much as people think, and the result will make it all worth it.


What will you feel when you get a tattoo?

Something to keep in mind when making a tattoo is that the degree of pain is quite subjective. If someone told you how much or how little they suffered from getting tattooed, it does not mean that you will go through the same experience. There are many factors that go into how sensitive you'll feel at that moment, including your age, gender, genetics, and even your psychological expectations.

Outside of the subjective plane, there are some aspects in which there is a general consensus. For example, those parts of the body that have a little more muscle and fat tend to be less prone to pain. On the other hand, tattoos in areas closer to the bone or with many nerve endings will make you suffer a little more.

For reference, tattoo artists recommend pinching different parts of the body to note how the level of pain varies. For example, in the upper part of the forearm the pain would be minimal, but it increases in the inner biceps.

The most and least painful points to get a tattoo

Now that you know that the pain threshold differs in each person, we are going to review which are the areas of your body that could experience more or less pain when getting a tattoo, from the feet to the head. Remember that this information is referential and that, as in every rule, there may be exceptions.  


The least painful areas to get tattooed

If your doubts about how much it hurts to get a tattoo cause you a lot of anxiety, we recommend choosing a part of the body with a higher percentage of fat, since the experience will be much more pleasant. These are the least painful areas to get tattooed, both in men and women:

  • Forearm.
  • back of arm
  • Superior part of the arm.
  • Front and side of thigh.
  • Upper part of the back.  

    To this list we can add some areas of the body with a little more sensitivity, but which are not very painful to get tattooed, such as the neck, lower back, inner arm, calves and ankles.




    The most painful areas to get tattooed

    Let's see now which are the parts of the body that would experience a higher degree of pain if you decide to get a tattoo. You will notice that these are areas with thinner layers of skin, with a greater presence of bone and more nerve endings.

    • Ribs
    • Elbows
    • Axillas
    • Knees
    • Pies
    • Chest
    • Ingle
    • Buttocks
    • Head
    • fingers and toes
    • Neck

    Rib tattoos are a special case. In addition to being a sensitive area very close to the bone, it is in constant movement due to breathing, so you must synchronize your movements very well.

    What other factors influence tattoo pain?

    Beyond which area of the body you choose to get tattooed, there are other factors that also influence the degree of pain you will experience. One of them is the tattoo design. If the figure you want to engrave on your skin has a lot of padding, it means that the tattoo artist will have to go over that area more, which could cause you some additional discomfort.

    The sensation that you will experience on the skin can also vary depending on the type of machine your tattoo artist uses, as well as the number and type of needles used in your design. Of course, the duration of the session is also an element to take into account, but you always have the possibility of dividing the project into several sessions.

    Last but not least is the skill of your tattoo artist. It is best to go with a professional who can adapt the pace of the session to your level of tolerance, so that the sensation of pain you experience is as little as possible. At Dagga Tattoos we have artists with extensive experience in different specialties. You can learn more about them here.


      After getting tattooed, how long does the pain last?

      After getting a tattoo, you will still feel some discomfort in the intervened area, as if you had a slight sunburn or abrasion. The area will be tender, red, and probably a little swollen. Remember that this is a completely normal response from your skin, since it has been intervened directly with needles.

      The recovery phase usually lasts between 7 and 15 days maximum. During that time your skin will shed any excess blood and plasma, and begin to form a new layer to protect your tattoo. The pain will decrease as the days go by.

      A quick recovery will also depend on your skin care. It is recommended that you leave the tattoo uncovered so that it can “breathe” and clean it constantly with neutral soap and water. Use moisturizer, avoid sun exposure, and don't wear clothing that could touch the tattoo. This way you will avoid possible infections.

      Here you can see how to care for a new tattoo.

      How to make a tattoo hurt less?

      Many times we have been asked if it is possible to get a tattoo without feeling pain. Unfortunately this is not possible -at least for now-. However, we have some tips that could be useful to minimize discomfort during the session.

      • Rest well the night before your session. That will make you arrive with a clear mind and the process will be more bearable.
      • Eat something nutritious before getting your tattoo, but avoid excessive sugar and stimulants.
      • Drink plenty of water from the night before. Staying hydrated will make it easier for your skin to absorb the ink.
      • Completely rule out the idea of consuming alcohol or drugs before the session. They increase sensitivity.
      • Breathe. Always remember to breathe and stay calm. Direct your thoughts towards pleasant and relaxing things. Meditate.
      • Listen to pleasant music to relax during the session.
      • Go to an experienced tattoo artist and follow their recommendations. They usually tattoo faster than inexperienced tattoo artists.

      We hope we have dispelled your doubts about how much it hurts to get a tattoo and that your next experience is as painless as possible.

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