Our Tattoo Artists

Our team of professional tattooists has experts in various styles such as: Blackwork, Traditional, Fine Line, Geometric, Ornamental, Realism and Neo Traditional to Lettering and Realism. 

Whether you're looking for a small, simple piece or a large, elaborate design, our artists will work with you to create the perfect tattoo.

Meet our team of tattoo artists:

Javi @rolalatinta : Traditional, Blackwork

Martina Vysna @martina_vysna : Blackwork

Hector @bloodymyers.ttt : Blackwork, Dark Ornamental

Juan Carlos Gee @juancarlosgee : Blackwork

Franco Melani @il.penta : Black & Grey, Blackwork

Mayte Isla @artttisla : Fine Line, Blackwork

Odette Olivarria @odetteolivarria : Blackwork, Geometric

Hellboy @_hellboy__ : Blackwork


Eric Jhoved @jhoved.luna : Neo Traditional, Blackwork

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