How much does a tattoo cost in Mexico?

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The first question that arises once we have decided to get a tattoo is: how much will it cost me?

Next we will tell you the main factors that influence the final price of your tattoo: 

1. The size and detail of the design

The size is an essential factor to take into account, the larger the design, the longer it will take to do it and the time it takes to design it and translate it into your skin will define its value. 

The design is one of the main factors that affect the price of the tattoo. The more detailed the design, the more laborious it will be, for example, a face, it will be more detailed than a text, and a text is less detailed than a triangle. Each one has its different challenges, but the detail 

If your design is basic, the cost will be lower because the tattoo artist can use digital tools. If you want a custom design it can also be done, this takes more hours of work because you have to create a design from scratch, but this is what artists generally prefer to better express their art. Be part of your idea and create a unique design in the style of the tattoo artist.


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1. Color or Black

When choosing if you prefer to tattoo in colors or in black, you should consider that the more colors you use, the more expensive it will be, this is due to the extra work that involves using different colors or color mixtures and that sometimes it is more difficult to work with colored inks than the black for its components. For example: yellow or white ink has to be injected several times more than normal so that it penetrates well into your dermis and does not fade afterwards.


2. Body area where the tattoo will go

Each part of the body has a different sensitivity and there are some areas that are more difficult to tattoo than others. This is mainly due to the position that the client and tattoo artist must have during the procedure, because of the sensitivity (discomfort) of the body area and because of the hardness / thickness of the skin in that area. There are complicated places where the tattoo artist must be extremely careful when doing it, this generally includes the genitals, face, neck, palm of the hand and soles of the feet. The dermis of the palm of the hand and sole of the foot is one of the most constantly renewed, that causes the tattoo to wear out and eventually have to be retouched. On the other hand, places with more muscle are less sensitive, so getting a tattoo on your arms, legs or shoulders will be easier and therefore cheaper. Here we show you a graph of the areas of the body where there is more sensitivity to the tattoo.

3. Hourly rate of the tattoo artist

The experience of the tattoo artist is one of the main factors that affect the price, as well as the style. The more years of tattooing experience they have, the higher the hourly rate they will charge, and if their style is too detailed or simple it will affect the price. The hourly price for a tattoo artist can range from $ 800 to $ 1500. There are tattoo artists or studios that prefer to charge per session, where each session is approximately 4-5 hours. 

4. Get tattooed in studio or "private studio" 

The place where we are going to get the tattoo is very important. The study must have all the hygiene measures that are required by law and more now in times of pandemic it must be a safe space for you and for the people who work in it. An established and professional studio will have all the required permissions for tattooing, these include: tattooist licenses, cofepris operating notice, and delegation permits. All its staff will be trained with first aid, hygiene and asepsis courses, that is why if your tattoo artist invites you to tattoo in a "private studio" (or in other words: tattoo artist's house) it does not assure you that they comply with all the necessary measures and you could be endangering your skin, life and the result of the tattoo. 



    "The area of the body in which you will tattoo influences

    a lot in the price of the tattoo

    since the elasticity and thickness of the skin

    varies from area to area"

    Conclution : The price of your tattoo depends on many factors, but above all on the art, experience of the tattoo artist and the reliability of the establishment.

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