Tattoos in color or in black. Pros and Cons

What is the best option for you?

If you have thought about getting a tattoo, surely one of the questions that arises is Should I get a tattoo in color or in black ink? Today we will give you all the information so that when you quote and get a tattoo you know which option is best for you.

We will explain the pros and cons of each one, so you can choose better. we will tell you about The most sought after tattoo styles in Mexico City.

The decision will always depend on your tastes. But as you will see later, each of the inks has some particularity that gives you pieces with a very different style and experience.

Another important aspect to consider is the price of color tattoos, something that can also influence your decision. So keep reading...


Tattoos in Mexico: aesthetics as a reference

When you contact a tattoo studio keep in mind the tattoo style you want to capture on your skin. In this way the tattoo artist can help you choose the right color for the piece you want.

Remember that colored tattoos wear off a little faster over time that the facts in negro or gray scale. Also, the latter are quicker to craft, as long as they don't require a lot of shading work.

So does this mean that colored tattoos will be erased from your skin? No, what happens is that the ink that is introduced into your skin contains different mineral elements and the white cells in your blood expel particles of ink into your dermis. For this reason, tattoos lose some intensity of tone over time, requiring greater care of the tattoo and perhaps more use of moisturizing creams. While the color black fades less over the years. Remember that you can also combine them and get the best of both worlds, for example a good black eyeliner with color filling: one of the most durable tattoos you could find.

For this reason, if you want a color piece, what you should do when quoting your tattoo is to decide the style, or if you are still undecided, ask for recommendations on styles and colors. The tattoo artists will explain to you why some colors are better for your design and in what style it can fit best. So you can get the most out of the tattoos you get.

Color or black tattoos: advantages and disadvantages

This point is very important, even more than knowing the cost of colored or black tattoos. The advantages and disadvantages will give you a clearer picture of each tattoo style and will facilitate your initial choice. 


tattoos on Negro : Pros and cons


  • The prices of black tattoos are (generally) lower than those of color tattoos as they generally take less time to do.
  • Their image is very impressive, they look good from afar.
  • They do not wear out easily over time, they require less care.
  • They look good on any skin tone.
  • If it is your first tattoo, you should know that black tattoos cause less pain, especially those with simple shading, as they are faster to perform. 


  • On darker skins, you don't get as much contrast as when using light colored inks.
  • Less showy compared to a very colorful tattoo.

It is not a secret that color tattoos are considered by many to be the most striking.



tattoos to Color : Pros and cons

This type of tattoo is ideal for capturing vibrant designs.

Advantages of color tattoos:

  • The most relevant advantage is that they are more striking and the tattoo artist can offer you more options for creativity.
  • They are ideal for fair skin. But they also work with darker skin tones.
  • You can choose a range of different shades and styles for your tattoo, the options are endless..

Now some of the cons of color tattoos:

  • These tattoos require more care than those of black color. For example, by constantly exposing them to the sun they lose their shine. They need more protection or creams during their healing.
  • The cost of a color tattoo is sometimes higher than one done with just black ink. This is because they require more components for each color and it takes more time. (A minimum of one needle is required per color and thickness) Some colors need to be passed through the skin more times than black to give a solid and lasting tone.
  • The inks contain different mineral ingredients (each color contains particular ingredients) and some skin may have an allergic reaction to some of these ingredients. Black ink is lighter for the dermis.

Main styles of tattoos in Mexico City

For you to make the final decision of which tattoo would be the right one, we will briefly talk about some of the styles you can find in tattoo studios in Cdmx. We will talk about 6 in particular that are the most demanded. 

+ Blackwork +

This style of tattoo is based on totally black designs. Only black ink is used to create pieces flat and dark textures that contrast very well with the skin.

Undoubtedly, a style of tattoo that is in high demand throughout the world. It stands out for its great contrasts and the lack of gray tones. To create diversity in the design, the artist must apply gradients using dots, patterns, and textures.

+ Traditional +

Also know as THEld School, The American TraditionalIt is one of the earliest tattoo styles in existence, made popular by sailors in the 1950s. The designs they are simple, with primary, pure and solid colors, consequently this is one of the most durable styles. The most popular subjects to get tattooed in this style are pin up girls, ships, skulls, animals, flowers, among others. Some important tattoo artists in the propagation of this style are: Sailor Jerry, Don Ed Hardy y Lyle Tuttle. 


+ Fine line +

This style is for those who are looking for fine and elegant tattoos as these are usually minimalist. It is ideal for tattooing phrases, symbols or designs with more delicate and fine lines.

These types of tattoos are usually preferred by those who are starting their tattoo collection and want to start with something discreet.

Combinations can also be made with various styles of tattoos and create a unique piece.



+ Geometric +

A style that fuses various techniques and concepts. SIf you are looking for a deep tattoo, with spiritual meaning and geometric shapes, this will be your best option. It is based on sacred geometry, and uses shapes such as triangles, circles, squares, and lines in its design. 

The strokes are united in a structure with patterns and a defined order. Designs with dimensions that can cover large areas of the body such as chest, back, entire arm.


+ Irezumi / Japanese +

The Japanese tattoo has been very important in the development of this art. Rich in colors and culture, the Japanese tattoo tells stories with images. It is common to see waves, dragons, koi fish, snakes, demons, geisha and more in this colorful style. This current of tattooing is so culturally important that even in Northern Japan, it is used as protection for the souls of girls transitioning to adulthood.



+ Calligraphy / Lettering +

"Lettering" can reflect a client's style or add pizzazz to an image. Lettering can come from a predetermined font or can be created from scratch for a unique design. The meaning of a lettering tattoo comes not just from the words, but also the style of the font

We could talk about "letterning" for hours, but in this case we will tell you general information.

Many lettering tattoos today are directly influenced by medieval calligraphy found in Old English, Gothic, and other sources from the distant past. Becoming more modern styles such as Chicano, Traditional, Calligraphy, Gothic, cursive, script. All very different from each other and adapted to the own style of the Tattoo Artist.

 Since they literally spell out whatever you're referencing, they can be a great idea because anyone who sees them can read them, being The essential spelling and grammar in a tattoo lettering.

It is important to consider the size and legibility of the tattoo when choosing a lettering tattoo as it may no longer be legible as it ages.




What is the difference between colored and black inks?

The answer is found in the ingredients used to create the different shades of the inks.

black ink: It is basically made of Coal and rarely causes allergic reactions. It does not have metal derivatives (with some exceptions), although on certain occasions it may contain Phenol, which can cause reactions in some people, but you can rest assured, in our study our inks do not have this element.

vegetable ink: Made from organic products, they are the least likely to cause allergies, and they are also easier to touch up. Black ink and its derivatives such as gray ink enter this section. Same as we use in Dagga.

UV ink: It is a really recent ink, it achieves a different effect, since under UV light it stands out a lot in nightlife and partying, this type of design can cause scars if it is not done correctly.

 In general, tattoo inks are made from a set of elements, among which are:


  • organic pigments
  • hamamelis
  • Purified water
  • Alcohol


    So which tattoo style should you choose?

    With the advice that we have given you, you should already have an idea of what best suits your skin type and what you want from a tattoo. Now to complement this you should take into account the opinion of tattoo artists.

    You must do this when quoting a tattoo, so the tattoo artist can recommend what will give you the best result. And if it goes with what you already have in mind, don't hesitate and get that piece you have in mind tattooed.

    At Dagga we are here to help you with your choice if you still have doubts. Just contact us and tell us about that idea you have in mind, we'll take care of the rest. Also, If you quote your tattoo now you will receive a coupon for $100 MXN. Take advantage of!

    Quote your tattoo and receive a coupon for $100 MXN for your next tattoo:

    Quote your tattoo here 



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