Tattoo Styles Part 2


Not sure what tattoo to get? 

Have an idea or design but you are not totally sure yet?

It all starts with an idea. And a style of tattooing.

• What do you want to express?

• Is it related to something recent that happened in your life?

• Have you seen an image somewhere that has inspired you?

All of this can be a great starting point for selecting your style and tattoo design.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular tattoo styles from which you can choose and we will delve into the history, symbolism and unique characteristics of each style. 

+ Realism +


The realistic tattoo style is characterized by its precision and minute details that imitate reality. This style of tattoos seeks to replicate on the skin the appearance of objects, people or animals with a hyper-realistic appearance. Realism is achieved through the technique of shading, the mixture of colors and the reproduction of textures and lights. Realistic tattoos are very popular between men and women and offer a wide range of design options. This type of tattoo is an excellent option for those who wish to have a design with a very strong visual impact.



It is important to note that realistic tattoos are highly detailed and require a more advanced technique and skill by the tattoo artist. Therefore, the design and application process can be longer and more expensive than other styles of tattoos, as more attention to detail, time and experience are required. However, the end result is well worth the investment of time and money.


+ Neo Traditional +


Many describe the neotraditional tattoo style as a modernization of the style of traditional tattoo, but actually, it has its origin in one of the most important artistic movements in history. Japan opened trade with Europe at the end of the 19th century and the resulting cultural exchange had a great impact on the art world, that is, the development of Art Nouveau. This style peaked in popularity and usage between the 1890s and 1910s; the madness for the japanese aesthetic was in full swing as people fell in love with the colorful lines and storytelling based on the woodblock paintings of Japan ukiyo-e. 



Despite the strong influences of the Art Nouveau, the style of Neo-Traditional tattooing did not emerge until the 1970s, when made possible by modern equipment and a significantly wider ink palette. Characteristics of this style include clean thin lines and solid outlines, smooth gradients, a strong sense of depth, and a wide variety of colors. colors. They are regularly made with very bright colored inks. Flora and fauna also have a strong presence in the neotraditional style, although portraits are also common. It is a style for those who seek modern designs with a colorful and natural touch.


+ Micro Realism +


The style of tattoos micro realistic It is a type of tattoo that is characterized by its high precision and detail. The goal of this style is to make the tattoo look like a realistic thumbnail image or photograph. To achieve this effect, shading, lighting, and depth techniques are used to create a sense of three-dimensionality and realism..



The micro realistic tattoos They can be on any topic, but they are especially popular the animal, people and portrait designs. You can also find landscape designs, objects and elements of nature. This style of tattoo requires a highly trained artist and with advanced skills in shading and lighting techniques. Micro realistic tattoos are a great option for those looking for a tattoo small but impressive.


+ Black & Grey +


This style is characterized by exclusive use of shades of black and gray to create striking and detailed designs. This style originated in prisons in the United States, where inmates used pencils and sewing needles to create tattoos using black ink and water to dilute the ink to create different shades of gray. Nowadays, black and gray tattoos have become very popular and are used for a wide variety of designs, from realistic portraits to geometric and floral or abstract motifs.



One of the main advantages tattoo style black and grey is that it allows a high degree of detail and realism in the designs. Furthermore, the exclusive use of shades of black and gray results in a classic and timeless appearance that never goes out of style

The style of tattoos black and grey It is an excellent choice for those looking for a classic, detailed and realistic design in only shades of black and gray. Black and gray tattoos also tend to age very well.. 

+ Ornamental +


The style of ornamental tattoos It is characterized by the use of geometric patterns, lines, shapes and symbols to create intricate and decorative designs on the skin. these designs can be inspired by ancient cultures, like the Egyptian or the Mayan, or in more contemporary motifs. Ornamental tattoos are usually done on negro, although they can also include vibrant colors to give them more life and dynamism.



The ornamental style is very popular both in men and women, since they can be performed on different parts of the body, such as the arms, legs, back and chest. Also, ornamental tattoos can be adjusted to any size, from small minimalist tattoos to complex designs that cover the entire body. Ornamental tattoos are ideal for those looking for a tattoo that has personal meaning, since the patterns and symbols used can be very specific and unique to each person



These are just a few of the many styles of tattoos available today. Each style has its own history, symbolism, and unique characteristics. The right style for you will depend on your personal preferences and the message you want to convey. Whether you prefer bold and traditional, minimalist and modern, or avant garde and unique, there's a tattoo style (or combination of styles) that's perfect for you.

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