Anticipo de tatuaje $1000

Tattoo deposit

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If you want to schedule a tattoo appointment with us, we only require a deposit of $500 MXN.

This advance is for your tattoo artist to start your design. We will contact you to select your tattoo and tattoo artist with you and then schedule the appointment.

On the day of your appointment, you will have time to make changes or adjustments to the design with the artist. The design will be tested on your skin prior to the tattoo. Only when you are completely satisfied with the design, size and position, we will proceed to tattoo it. 

If the design change includes adding detail to the tattoo, making it bigger, adding elements or colors will incur in an extra cost, which will be communicated to you to obtain your approval before getting tattooed. This would only happen if the artist needed more time for your session than initially agreed on.

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