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Book your tattoo appointment from the comfort and safety of your home. Book your next tattoo totally online! 

The whole process is on-line until you get to the appointment to get your tattoo. We take care of your health and we want to see you well. 
If you want to schedule a tattoo appointment with us, we only require a deposit. This deposit is for your tattoo artist to start making your design. We will contact you to select your tattoo design and tattoo artist with you and then schedule the appointment.
The day of your appointment you will have time to make changes or adjustments to the design with the artist. The design will be tested on your skin prior to tattooing. Only when you are completely satisfied with the design, size and position will we proceed to tattoo it. 
Click here to do your advance onlineWe will contact you later to discuss the details of your appointment. 
We will wait for you!